Enjoy the forces of natrure or just sail!

The sailing yacht engine - by Fredrik Thommesen (flickr)Sailing is an amazing experience mainly because you are in “touch” with the forces of nature: sea & wind.
The Sea is everywhere and touchable unlike being in a motor yacht where usually the deck is higher. The wind is the main force that moves this boats and it is always a challenge to squeeze the most out of it (have a look volvo ocean racing ).

This is the main difference between motor boats and sailing boats: sailing boats have two “engines”, the motor and the wind while motor boats have only one. And believe me there is no sea “vehicle” designed so far that gives you such pleasure in movement as a sailing yacht floating with speed coming entirely from the wind! The only sounds that you can hear are the forces of nature…. the wind and the sea!

Sailing ropes[dropcap style=”1″]A[/dropcap]nd the navigation is much more complicated: more than 20 ropes are used to move this yachts!

Of course the participation of the crew is required, if sails are used. The crew has the same goal: to move the boat as fast as possible and get it to the harbor. This creates strong relations among the people that sail together because they are working as a team.
Cruiser sailing boats (there are also racing boats that require at least 6 people to move them!) are not demanding that the crew is actively involved (if they don’t want), usually on small boats a skipper is enough (with some help) to handle the boat.

[dropcap style=”1″]A[/dropcap]bout Greece and sailing there is not much to say I think: The perfect playground for sailing, countless islands and beaches!

Time to get ready…

Sailing Greece from Enjoy Yachting on Vimeo.

[dropcap style=”1″]T[/dropcap]ime to get in the mood and prepare for the summer to come… Sailing in the Aegean or Ioanian Sea, island hopping and best moments with best friends!