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This website is owned and managed the company «ENJOYATCHING», located in the Municipality of Pallini 15351 Megalou Alexandrou 26 street, Greece. Phone:+ 302111981381, hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Monday-Friday
Please read the following terms because the use of the webpage’s services requires the understanding of these Terms & Conditions by you and is equivalent to your acceptance.
The Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. The amended Terms will be posted on our website and will be considered as binding for transactions that take place after their publication. The Terms & Conditions are independent, namely the invalidity of one of them does not imply the nullity of the rest.

Pricing and price variation

All prices published on this site are in Euros (€) and include Value Added Tax (VAT) at current rate of 23%.

Our company aims to provide you with the most accurate information on the price of the products or services we advertise.
But all prices are subject to availability and may be canceled or amended without notice to us. Therefore ,we reserve the right to vary prices in case of changes in exchange rates or price increases from other boat owners or suppliers.
In this case we assure you that we will notify you as soon as possible.
Then you are asked either to pay the increase, as notified by us, either to cancel the booking, which may lead to cancellation fees, on which we will inform you, when you choose your boat or the service you want.

Payments & cancellation

Payments for vessels or other services are made through PayPal accounts of the suppliers, shipowners or brokers.
Our policy is to require an advance payment, after you agree on a particular vessel or service. Unless otherwise stated a 30% advance payment of the total amount is required. The rest of the amount must be paid 30 days prior to the commencement of charter.
Cancellation of charter can be made through our website or via email.
If cancellations are made 45 days before the commencement of charter, the amount paid in advance (advance payment) will be returned excluding the bank fees for the transactions
For some charters and some other services may be cancellation fees (they will be clearly stated, either on the website, email or both)
If there are special conditions and additional charges, they appear on the page on the boat or the services of your choice.

Variation in prices

We would like you to know that any increase in prices are probably charges levied by the owners or brokers.

The responsibility of Enjoyatching when navigating on the site

Enjoyatching make every effort to ensure that the description, the terms and conditions of the advertised products and services are accurate at the time of publication on our site.
However, Enjoyatching does not guarantee that the description, the terms and conditions that appear during the navigation of the user are those that are valid at the time of booking.
Enjoyatching takes responsibility for the proper, clear and accurate information at the time of your booking regarding the description, the terms and conditions of the advertised products and services.
Enjoyatching bears no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to third parties from using the information contained on this website.
Enjoyatching reserves the right to change the content of the website, correcting errors or omissions that may be contained, altering, enhancing or supplementing the content thereof.

Responsibility of Enjoyatching after the booking of navigation at sea

The responsibility for Enjoyatching regards to advertising services, providing information and technical support for your activities.
After your booking your agreement with the shipowner or the shipbroker applies.
Enjoyatching is responsible for your information for every action you take regarding the advertised products or services, as far as you use our website.
Under no circumstances and in no way Enjoyatching is liable for economic, non-economic or punitive damages that may arise from the use of advertised products or services.
Nevertheless, we can reimburse you for a reason related to services provided by ENJOYATCHING. For that reason please keep the claim number that we provide you each time you complete the “Complaint Form” from our home page / Customer service.

Enjoyatching has property rights

The content of this site is the property of the company “Enjoyatching” and is protected by Greek, European and international copyright laws.
You may view, copy, download electronically and print files from the web site for personal andnon-commercial use.
You may not make any other use of this site, such as publication, modification, or to move any content without the prior written consent of Enjoyatching.

The use of a link to our site is permitted if done in a lawful and fair manner, if it is not misleading or intentionally damaging to Enjoyatching’s reputation, and if it is not intended to take unfair advantage of the Enjoyatching’s reputation. Enjoyatching reserves its right to withdraw any authorization to use a link to this website without prior notice.
It is strictly forbidden to publish an electronic link in a manner suggesting some form of cooperation, approval or acceptance by the Company, in case that there is no such thing.
You may not post a link at a site of which you have no ownership or permanent right of use.
This website may not be prohibited by any other online site.
The reference to Enjoaytaching.gr can not be done in any other area of the site except of the homepage.

Safety measures:
Any unauthorized intervention to cancel or circumvent security measures of the site is prohibited and prosecuted according to law.

Incident Report

Enjoyatching kindly asks you to report any unusual occurrence, any problem or any disappointment from your fare, by filling the “Reporting incidents” on our home page / customer service. In this way you helps us to choose the best suppliers, while you give us the opportunity to intervene as to rectify the situation.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The legal force and the enforcement of these terms & conditions will be governed by Greek law and in any dispute between the parties which may result in legal actions, the authorized courts are the courts of Athens.