Useful Items for a one week sailing trip

Sailing items checklist for a one week vacation

[table style=”1″]

For sailors Personal stuff Optional personal stuff For special attention
sailor glows or gym (1) Toothbrush (1) Wet tissue / wipes Flashlight (+Batteries) (1)
Jacket & Trousers (1) Toothpaste (1) Toilet seat covers Personal medication
Sailing license Deodorant (1) Sheets Sun cream body (1)
Sailing boots (1) Razor (1) Pillow case Sun cream face (1)
Personal Clothing Mobile phone car charger (12V) (1) Body soap & Shampoo Mosquito protection (1)
Underwear (7) Sunglasses (1) Sleeping Bag (1)  
Swimsuit (2) Deckshoes (white sole) (1) Pocketknife (1)  
T-Shirt (5+) Identities (ID’s) Shared Items
Long-Sleeve blouse (2) Swim towel (1) Clothes peg Hammock (nice to have)
Shorts (3) Body & face towels (1) Wet wipes Food bags
Fleece (1)   Garbage bags Can opener
Jeans or other long pants (2)   Wettex Wine-bottle opener
Socks (5)   Dish sponge Shared body soap
Hats (2)   Dish soap Shared Shampoo
Shoes (1)   Pack of cards Plastic cups
Flip flops (1)   Board games Matches + lighter (Long neck)
      Toilet paper
      Paper towel
      Music (USB stick or CD’s)


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